We're on a mission to transform the world into a place that delivers Equal Opportunity for Every Child to thrive and develop to the greatest extent of their individual talent and ambition.

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We believe everyone has a fundamental human right to equal opportunities in life. When everyone has the freedom to advance as far as their talent, hard-work and determination will take them the world will be changed for the better. We will see the rise of the truly talented and altruistic people serving the needs of the many and not the incompetent, corrupt and selfish "leaders" we have today.

The Global Oligarchy

The primary obstacle in the way of Equal Opportunity for Every Child and the rise of the meritorious is the global cabal that are running world affairs in their own narrow self-interest.

They wield disproportionate influence over our lives. We call them the global oligarchy but you may know them by other names.

They're the super rich, top bankers, top politicians, top military, top media moguls, top religious leaders, monarchs and many other top positions who all rig the game in their favor at your expense. There's no need for a conspiracy. They all know what's in their best interest.

Hint: it's anything that will enrich their bank accounts.

The Facts

  1. The world is controlled by a global elite of approximately 6,000 people.
  2. 94% of them are men, and their average age is 60.
  3. 2% of the world's population own 50% of the world's wealth.
  4. 1,100 billionaires have double the assets of the world's poorest 2.5 billion people.
  5. The world's 50 largest financial institutions control a third of the world's assets.
  6. The world's 250 biggest companies generate sales of about a third of the world's GDP.

Source: Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making by David Rothkopf

If you don't think there's anything wrong with this then stop reading.

The Five Meritocratic Principles

People before Profit

People are the most important element in a Meritocratic Democracy. They come before profit and other abstract factors. The equation to remember is: People > Profit.

Equal Opportunities

There can be no meritocracy without equal opportunities. Otherwise the people at the top hoard the best opportunities for their friends and family, instead of opening them up for everyone.

Rewarding Merit

Work that improves society should be well-compensated. We are not communists. Talent, innovation and hard-work should be rewarded, provided those rewards are never excessive.

Social Capitalism

The microstructure of the economy—businesses and freelancers—remains private, while the macrostructure—central banks, commercial banks and large financial institutions—are controlled by publicly accountable officials.

Smart Government

A smart government working in the interests of the People requires meritocrats: experts in their fields of expertise responding to an informed electorate of their peers, who guarantee that the "politician" knows what they're talking about.

These are the top 3 policies we will implement

Millionaire Estate Tax

Inheritance is the primary mechanism through which the global cabal survives generation after generation. A few people inherit billions while the vast majority inherit debt.

Meritocracy will change that by fighting for a Millionaire Estate Tax. Everyone can inherit up to $1 million. Anything over that amount is taxed at 100% and used to fund schools, hospitals, roads, social services...

Nationalize Banks

Banks have the power to create money out of thin air. After having bailed them out to the tune of billions of dollars, we are their owners in all but name. It's time to make it official and have them run by publicly-accountable CEOs with the general public as their shareholders.

Debt Cancellation

We're swimming in debt. How much of it is even legitimate? We pay billions a year in interest payments because we have to keep borrowing and borrowing from banks to pay our existing debt. They get bailed out while millions of us descend into poverty and despair. The people deserve their own bailout.

What's the plan?

Our current goal is to unite 1,000 meritocrats from around the world who are willing to put in the time and energy in getting local meritocracy initiatives started where they live.

Are you one of those people?

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